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specifications + F.A.Q.

Estimated Total Cost: $350,000 USD

Photovoltaic Array: 40 high-efficiency solar panels capable of generating 7000 peak watts.

Power Storage: 36 interlinked sealed lead-acid batteries.

Operational Voltage: 48V battery bank and standard 115V operational voltage.

Lighting: Fully-concealed dimmable LED light strips.  Average lifespan: 100,000 hours of continuous use

Climate Control: 9000 BTU micro-split heat-pump system with two independently controlled zones. SEER:18.

Water Supply: Four 550-gallon primary storage tanks elevated for passive pressurization.  UV and reverse osmosis processing.

Waste Processor: Auto-composter with negatively-pressurized vent system.  Odor-free high-grade compost needs to be removed every 6 months.

Foundation Anchors: Helical micropile anchors, stainless steel with leveling plates.

Structural System: Tubular cold-rolled steel frame sections with bonded powder-coat finish.

Body Shell: Structural insulated panel system (SIPS), with integrally-colored exterior cladding.

Insulation: Closed-cell polyethylene foam panel cores.  Metallized panel wrap.  Assembly rated at R-58

Window Assembly: Triple-pane insulating units with SentryGlas laminated exposure film, low-e coating, and argon-filled cavities.

Exterior Doors: Kevlar reinforced door shell with vacuum-sealed aerogel insulating core.

Total Floor Area: 650 sq.ft. net usable interior area. 250 sq.ft. covered exterior decks.

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